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Pradnyajagar is an educational service organization directed towards the holistic development of the inborn abilities and skills of children. We provide workshops, student development programs, and resources for schools to incorporate thinking in teaching. Each of the schools on the planet was established to mould the minds of the students to ensure that each student achieves his/her full potential in ways that positively contribute to the societies. But, most of the schools fail in achieving this goal. This failure has contributed in many problems faced by world today.

We Can't Solve Problems by Using the Same Kind of Thinking We Used When We Created Them – Albert Einstein

Pradnyajagar believes that, the key to change this and assist students in realizing their full potential is teaching students to be good skillful Thinkers.

Thinking School

Is your child thinking Right? Teach Your Child, how to Think!!!
Thinking Skills are mental processes we use to do things like: solve problems, make decisions, ask questions, construct plans, evaluate ideas, organize information and create objects.
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As the name suggests, Pradnyajagar has helped awaken our talent. Daily Practice exercises helped in increasing the self confidence. Many students came closer to study together as a group due to different programs of Pradnyajagar. The group discussions helped in gaining more knowledge with different perspective. .......Read More
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